​"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

Welcome to WEE Care at Wake Forest Baptist Church!   We are glad you are here!  Registration for the 2021-2022 school year begins in January 2021.  Below you will find information on all of the classes we offer.  To download an application and other necessary documents, click on the appropriate link below.  Contact us with questions and to check availability.


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​1 and 2-Year Old Preschool Classes

Parent's Morning Out is for children ages 1 and 2.  These classes meet from 8:55am-12:00pm.  The program, guided by qualified staff, provides a time of growing and learning experiences for these children while parents have a few hours to relax and enrich their lives.


The ONE YEAR OLD Class meets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Children can be enrolled for either one or both days.  The class size is 8 children with a staff/child ratio of 1:4.

The TWO YEAR OLD Class meets on Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday. The class size is 8 children with a staff/child ratio of 1:4. 

The OLDER TWO/YOUNGER THREE Class meets on Tuesday/Thursday.  The class size is 10 children with a staff/child ration of 1:5.

​3-Year Old Preschool Class


There are four THREE YEAR Old classes that meet from 9am-12:00pm.  Two 3's classes meet Monday/Wednesday/Friday with a maximum class size of 14 with a staff/child of 1:7. Our Tuesday/Thursday class size maximum is 12 with a staff/child ration of 1:6..  Each class has a qualified teacher and an assistant.  Our 3's preschool classes begins to provide structure in the classroom.  Centers and more group activities provide opportunities for the three-year old to explore his/her world through weekly themes and developmentally appropriate activities.  A major part of a three year old child's development is learning social skills and establishing social relationships.

4-Year Old Preschool Class


There are three FOUR YEAR OLD classes that meet from 9am-12:00pm.  Two classes meet Monday thru Thursday with a staff/child ratio​ of 1:6 and one class that meets Monday thru Friday with a staff/child ration of 1:8.  All classes have a qualified teacher and assistant.  Our 4's preschool classes provide children with the structure and independence to explore his/her world through play.  Weekly themes provide a variety of developmentally appropriate activities to stimulate individual interests and love for learning.  Our goal is to prepare the child for a successful Kindergarten experience the following year.

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